ABA Preschool Group Program

The goal of the preschool group program is to equip children with the necessary tools to be successful in future school enrollment. The main components of ABA (reinforcement, breaking skills down, data collection, and functional analysis of behavior) are utilized throughout the preschool group. While developing individualized academic skills during group activities, such as circle time, story time, and arts and crafts, “school readiness behaviors” are also targeted. Some of these “school readiness behaviors” include walking with a group of peers, participating and attending during group activities, toileting, following group instructions, appropriate manipulation of arts and craft materials, and mealtime behaviors.

We have several group options that are structured to support each child at the level of group instructions that is appropriate. Each child is enrolled in the specific group that addresses their needs. The acquisition of both academic and “school readiness” targets will provide our students with the necessary building blocks to be successful and require the least amount of assistance in future academic and life settings. Our overall group structure, highly trained staff, low student to therapist ratio (2:1), and the use of ABA distinguishes us from any other group service in the New Orleans metro area.

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